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We were very happy with the night and want to truly thank you for your expertise, positivity, flexibility, and support. We enjoy working with the Stagetime team. Even when we have a hiccup, you have been patient and helpful, and we cannot thank you enough for that. We look forward to working with you again on the next one!

Lachelle Semanko
Executive Director
Rein in Sarcoma

The Stagetime team was amazing. We wouldn't have hit our marks without you. The deadlines for registration lists, event details, and speeches were essential. The creativity and variety of the program kept the audience entertained and engaged. You were so very generous with your time and talent.

Peg Thomas
Executive Director
Sundance Family Foundation

Thank you so much for another tremendous event! Your organizational savvy, event planning skills and overwhelmingly positive attitudes make it so easy and fun to work with. We could and would not have successful events without the services and support you all offer.

Sammy Loeksdavis
Beyond Walls/Urban Squash

There’s no way we could have pulled this off without your involvement. We’re juggling dozens of events at a time and you have managed to keep us all on track. So please know that you have our most sincere appreciation for your producing talent and efforts. It’s been a true joy to work with you on this event!

Brian Faas
Broadcast Engineer, U.S. Bank Stadium

Thank you for your flawless execution of our event. It is such a wonderful comfort to know that I never have to worry about anything with you at the helm. And James was invaluable to our silent auction success-always responsive and professional. Your support makes all the difference in the world and we are deeply grateful! There is no production company we would rather work with--service excellence is Stagetime's hallmark.

Darolyn Gray
Development Officer
Wingspan Life Resources

I can’t express how deeply grateful I am to you and your team. Thank you so so so much for beautifully managing the Encore event. Your presence brought such a sense of calm and professionalism and relieved me of all stress. I never gave the program a thought with you at the helm, grateful that all was in such capable hands. I just love working with you and your team!!

Cynthia Betz
Director of Development

Stagetime Productions never misses even the smallest detail. You are not only the "calm before the storm" but you are the calm during the storm! You take the reins and remind me that everything will be ok....and it always is. And working with you allows me to spend time with our guests and sponsors, which is where I need to be!

Theresa Barlow
Social Investment and Stewardship Manager
myHealth for Teens & Young Adults

Just an expression of thanks for a wonderful Foundation for Cancer Care in Tanzania virtual event last night. I attended a few of these this past year, and your event both this year and last were outstanding! Particularly, this year. It was meaningful, heartfelt, and entertaining all at the same time.

Virtual Gala
Foundation for Cancer Care in Tanzania

I am always glad when we are working with Stagetime Productions, as we know there will be a level of organization, professionalism, and expectations that you bring to any event you produce.

Josh Reitan
Av for You

The Charlie Awards would not happen without your talent, expertise, and way of pulling all the pieces together so efficiently in such a professional and perfect way. Each year from the last minute rehearsal to the finished production it is totally amazing how it comes off so magnificently. I hope you never retire or move, or we will have to stop doing the Charlies! Thanks again for being so awesome .. and for all you do and are.

Sue Zelickson
Co-Founder, Charlie Awards

THANK YOU!!! I am in amazement of the Stagetime team. You made the entire process seamless from start to finish and I really don't know where we would have been without you!

Meredith Smalley
Humphrey School of Public Affairs

Thank you so very much for all you've done throughout the years for our organization and our gala. It is a pleasure and sometimes a lifesaver to work with you each year. I appreciate your wisdom and expertise, and we're forever grateful to be able to partner with you!

Stephanie Dix Campbell
Relationship Events Manager
Alzheimer's Association Minnesota-North Dakota

Congratulations on the DFL Humphrey Mondale Dinner! Another job well done. I always so appreciate having the opportunity to work with you. It has been a true pleasure having you in our building more and more each year.

Kate Setley
Director of Event Management
Xcel Energy Center, Saint Paul RiverCentre, Roy Wilkins Auditorium

A huge thanks to Shannon and your entire Stagetime team. You're a class act group and we appreciate all that you did to help us make the event a memorable, fun, moving and successful affair.
Leslie Jablonski
BEL13VE in Miracles Foundation

Thanks to Stagetime. I think we hit the mark this year. Our message was spot on and people loved the skit by the students Thanks again for all of your hard work. You made us look great. I got many compliments on your friendliness and professionalism. Kudos to ALL of you!

Jennifer Summer-Lambrecht
Executive Director
North Hennepin Community College Foundation

I have genuinely enjoyed working with Stagetime Productions these past few years. Your good spirits are only exceeded by the quality of your work.

John Reilly
BEL13VE in Miracles Foundation

I cannot thank you enough. The expertise and generosity of you and your team is incredible -- truly. I am so grateful.

Peter Rothstein
Artistic Director
Theater Latte Da

Your staff and company are just plain AWESOME!!!! Their care and commitment surrounds all that they do.

Jacie Knight
Artistic Director and Founder
Youth Performance Company

Thank you, thank you for all your guidance, creativity and TLC on our event. You are a treasure. The best compliments we heard from several people were " it was an honor to be In the room" “Wow!” and "we cannot wait until next year". Thank you for being such a great partner and friend of Angel Foundation..

Kelly Grosklags
Event Chair
Angel Foundation Gala

Shannon is a consummate professional who knows the event and entertainment industry inside and out. She is vision-focused, courageous and smart when she tackles a new challenge and never fails to broaden the minds of all around her with her strategic, collaborative approach. Shannon has also navigated extremely complex situations and relationships deftly and with grace. In addition to over 10 events she has produced across the University, Shannon produced our Presidents Club 50th Anniversary Celebration this past December, and our Farewell Gala for President Bruininks in December, 2010. To say that the events were successful would be an understatement. Shannon and her team ensured absolutely flawless execution, and our guests were blown away.

Tiffany Roemer
Director of Events
University of MN Foundation


It is a pleasure to recommend Shannon Pierce and her production team, Stagetime Productions.I have worked with Shannon at Capella Education Company, for a total of nine Commencement events. Over the years, we have asked Stagetime Productions to take on responsibility for additional event deliverables. Shannon has often stepped in to offer creative ideas and solutions to drive a well branded, quality event experience. We are grateful to Stagetime Productions and Shannon Pierce for helping us achieve a 96%-98% satisfaction rating on our post event surveys.

Beth Beutell MBA CMP
Event Manager, Corporate and University Events
Capella University


I wanted to say a huge, over-the-top, heartfelt THANK YOU for all your help with our luncheon. You literally made the difference between a good event, and a GREAT event. Thank you for your production support and guidance over the years.

Julie Hoff
Executive Director
Daily Work