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Opening Plenary Session - 9:15am - Monday, April 8

Opportunity and Opposition: The Road Ahead in 2019**
Presenter: Erin Murphy

Block 1 - 10:30am - Monday, April 8

LGBTQ+ 101 - The Basics
Presenter: J Heinz, JustUs Health

Fix Your Face: Scenario Role Playing to Provide Inclusive, Non-Judgmental Care for LGBTQ+ Folks
Presenter: Dylan Karsten & Brynn Rathjen, Planned Parenthood

Mental Health 101 In The LGBTQ Community
Presenter: Liz Babkin, NAMI MinnesotaPresenter:

Seeking SOGI: A Large Healthcare Organization’s Journey To Ask Every Patient About Sexual Orientation And Gender Identity: CHAPTER 2
Presenter: John Knudsen, Mayo Clinic

Health Professional Education For Equity: What Are Students Learning About LGBTQ+ Health, And How Can We Do Better?
Presenters: Jeanne Barkey, Metropolitan State University, Michael Ross, University of Minnesota (Medical School), Rajean Moone (Facilitator), Training to Serve/JUH

Save a Life: Naloxone training
Presenter: Stephanie Devich, Valhalla Place

Lunch Panel - 11:45am - Monday, April 8

Creating a Cross-Sector Care Provider Network to Advance Transgender Health
Presenter: Advisory Board Members

Block 2 - 1:00pm - Monday, April 8

Getting Over It: Effective Techniques For Taking A Sexual History
Presenter: Michael Ross, University of Minnesota

WPATH Update: Report from Buenos Aires
Presenter: Eli Coleman & Katie Spencer, University of Minnesota Program in Human Sexuality

Who Uses PrEP in Minnesota?
Presenter: Jacob Maxon, Hennepin County Public Health Department

Dismantling Barriers To Equitable Healthcare For Patients Who Are Transgender
Presenter: Morgan Rock & Harper Nelson, Park Nicollet

LGBTQ Health Community Conversation Outcomes
Presenter: Dylan Flunker & Shor Salkas, JustUs Health

Medical Marijuana
Presenter: Jared Poe, Sensible Minnesota

Block 3 - 2:15pm - Monday, April 8

HIV Outreach And Advocacy In Minnesota’s Communities Of Color: Report From The Underground Railroad**
Presenter: Cree Gordon et al., Youth & AIDS Project

Voices Of Health: Report - Back From The 2018 LGBTQ Community Health And Wellness Survey
Presenter: Dylan Flunker, JustUs Health

Local Health Department & LGBTQ+ Health Advocacy
Presenter: Rachel Goldberg, Public Health Madison & Dane County

Using New Statewide Data to Implement Data-Driven Tobacco Cessation Programming
Presenter: Darby Andre, Public Health Management Corp

Support Networks of Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Older Adults
Presenter: K Abel Knochel, University of Minnesota Duluth

Treatment Approaches For Transgender And Gender Diverse Youth
Presenter: Angela Kade Goepferd, Dr. Kylie Fowler, Dr. Christopher Dunne, Children’s Minnesota

Block 4 - 3:30pm - Monday, April 8

IN•clued: Inclusive Healthcare - Youth and Providers Empowered
Presenter: Caitlin O’Fallon, PPMNS

On The Frontier: Next-Generation Legal Issues In Trans Health
Presenter: Phil Duran, JustUs Health & Courtney Baga, Faegre Baker Daniels

Flooding the LBGTQ and POC Communities with Poison: An Interactive Overview of the Tobacco Industry’s Tactics and Local Regulation of Products
Presenter: Natasha Phelps, Public Health Law Center

Enhancing Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Cultural Competencies in Healthcare Settings
Presenter: Denise Felsenstein, Ursinus College

Emerging Issues in the LGBTQIA Community
Presenter: Jacob Maxon, Gabriel Glissmeyer, Trina Olson, Dallas Drake, Christopher Surfus, and Paula Overby, Walden University

Considerations in Hormone Therapy and the Primary Care Needs of the Aging Transgender Population
Presenter: Deborah Thorp & Andy Hamp, Park Nicollet

Block 5 - 9:00am - Tuesday, April 9

Transgender Voice and Communication: Holistic Therapy for the Whole Client
Presenter: Marilyn Fairchild, University of Minnesota

Navigating Senior Services For LGBT Older Adults And Older Adults Living With HIV
Presenter: Rajean Moone, Training to Serve/JUH & Lukus Zuker, Metropolitan Area Agency on Aging

Lavender Linguistics & HIV Discourse: How Do Gay AIDS Generational and Millennial Men Talk About HIV?
Presenter: David Anderson

Becoming Who They Are: Providing Supportive Primary Care To Transgender And Gender Diverse Youth
Presenter: Angela Kade Goepferd, Children’s Minnesota

Adult Sex Ed: Beyond Procreation and STIs
Presenter: Megan Mueller, J Heinz, and Alyssa Andrews, JustUs Health

Block 6 - 10:15pm - Tuesday, April 9

We Do Good Work And We Know It: Why Do I Hate Program Evaluation?
Presenter: Doug Moon, bibo Consult Services

Attachment Theory and the LGBTQ+ Community
Presenter: Rick Laska, JustUs Health

LGBTQ&A: Results And Implications From An Aging LGBTQ Needs Assessment
Presenter: Kelly Rice, Howard Brown Health

Insuring Equity: Changing The Health Insurance Industry To Better Serve The Transgender Community
Presenter: Ani Koch & Mindy Rocha, BCBSM

Chemical Health & HIV
Presenter: Megan Mueller & J Heinz, JustUs Health

Preemption: What It Is and Why It Matters for LGBTQ+ Health
Presenter: Julie Ralston Aoki & Natalie Hemmerich, Public Health Law Center

Lunch Keynote - 12:45pm - Tuesday, April 9

Life, Death and Joy: My 35 Years Living With HIV
Presenter: Mark King

Block 7 - 2:00pm - Tuesday, April 9

Reparative “Therapy” – Undoing The Harm To LGBTQ Youth**
Presenter: Cat Salonek, OutFront Minnesota

Understanding Medical Aid in Dying
Presenter: Rebecca Thoman, M.D., Manager, Doctors for Dignity

Mark’s HIV Time Machine
Presenter: Mark King, myfabulousdisease.com

Beyond the Turkey Baster - Preconception Counseling and Fertility Care Redesigned
Presenter: Janine Stiles, Mandala Midwifery Care

Presenter: Yvon Lonning, Youth and AIDS Project

Treating Post Induction Trauma in Gender
Presenter: Troy Weber-Brown, CentraCare Sexual and Gender Medicine

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