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Keynote Speaker - Day 1/9:30
Gary Gates

Workshop Block 1 - Day 1/9:30

Voices of Health 2016 Flunker

Section 1557: the ACA as a health-equity tool Duran/Gaulding

  Mixed Orientation Relationships and Sexual Health Within the Bisexual Community Vencill

Historical Trauma Treatment, Clinical Considerations for LGBTQ+ Identifying Clients Weber-Brown

Gynecological Care of the Transgender/Gender Non-conforming Patient Thorp

Lesbian Health Through the Lifespan Wolf/Berube

Mentorship Experiences of LGBT Undergraduate Students Pursuing Health Careers Wong

Workshop Block 2 - Day 1/11am

Mentorship Experiences of LGBT Undergraduate Students Pursuing Health Careers Wong

The Effects of Prostate Cancer Treatment on Gay and Bisexual Men, their Partners and Caregivers Rosser/Capistrant

Substance Use and Mental Health Issues of LGBTQ Clients Lehmann/Richards

  LGBTQ and non-LGBTQ Students' Perceptions of School Climate in Minnesota Middle and High Schools Fisher/Renner

How We Can End AIDS in Minnesota Toburen/Rowles

Workshop Block 3 - Day 1/1:45pm

Risk and Resilience in the lives of Transgender/Gender Non-conforming Adolescents: Results from the 2016 Minnesota Student Survey Eisenberg/Gower/Rider

Action Research: A Community Provider Reflection on a Decade of Changes and Ongoing Barriers to Health Care for Transgender and Gender Variant People Laski

Clinicians Working Together Effectively Across Healthcare Systems Thorp

  Current Perspective on HPV associated Head and Neck Cancer Gopalakrishnan

Gay and Gray: Better Caring for LGBT Older Adults Danner/Rode/Moone

Building Leaders and Sharing Stories in Commercial Tobacco Policy Work Broadwell/Koch

Bisexuality: From Erasure and Stigma to Visibility and Resistance Beach

Workshop Block 4 - Day 1/3:30pm

Factors Affecting Resilience Among LGBT Healthcare Professionals Streed

Glitter, Smoke and Mirrors: Tobacco Marketing in LGBTQ Spaces Glissmeyer/Henry

Youth and Caregiverís Perspectives on Healthcare Barriers for Transgender Youth: the Creation of a Gender Clinic Breland

Lose the Heteronormativity-Birth Control and Sexual Health Education for LGBTQ Youth. Post-Ratliff/Gunderman

Minority Stress, Intersectionality and Mental Health among Trans POC Rider/Brown/Roy

Bisexuals at the White House: Federal to Local Public Policy Advocacy Beach/Greensmith

  The Long Arms of Hobby Lobby: How LGBTQ People's Health Care Access is at Risk Due to RFRA Warbelow

Keynote Speaker Morning - Day 2


Plenary Session with Keynote speaker
Beverly Green

Workshop Block 5 - Day 2/9:15am

Perspectives from LGBTQ Youth on Community Resources: Methods, Findings and Action Eisenberg/Porta/Gower

The WPATH Standards of Care: What it really says and looking forward to Version 8 Coleman

  Nursing Faculty Awareness of Transgender Health and Experience: Effect of an Education Intervention Sieve

  Gay, Gray and Living with Dementia Berry

QPR (Question, Persuade, Refer) Bennett

Workshop Block 6 - Day 2/10:45am

Minnesota Transgender Aging Project: Learning About and Improving Care to Trans Older Adults in Rural and Urban Minnesota Flunker/Knochel

A Health and Service Needs Assessment of Older LGBT Identified Adults in Philadelphia Brown

IN.Clued: Inclusive Healthcare-Empowering Youth and Providers O'Fallon/Valezquez

  The State of the Art in Facial Feminization Surgery Rolfes

MN LGBTQ Standards of Inclusion for Health and Human Service Providers Boghossian/Trelawney

Queer and Quitting: Tobacco Cessation among LGBTQ Aussendorf/Magee

Final Keynote Speaker - Day 2


Plenary and Call to Action Richard Carlbom


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