Wednesday General Session (PDF)

Wednesday, October 25, 2017 - 3:30pm (#1)
1. → Start Here: The Can't-Miss First Session for Newcomers  (PDF)
2. Food Safety & Regulations: Making Local Food Projects Work (PDF) (PDF)
3. STORY-TELLING -- 3 Inspiring Food Systems Stories
4. The Power of Communications to Change Policies and Systems (PDF)
5. Food Networks in Minnesota: Community Driven Solutions for Food Justice (PDF)
6. From Dented Cans to Fresh Produce: The History and Evolution of the Emergency Food System
7. Skills for Integrating Systems Approaches Into Your Work  (PDF) (PDF) (PDF)

Thursday Morning General Session (PDF)

Thursday Afternoon General Session (PDF)

Thursday Afternoon Spark Talks (PDF)

Thursday, October 26, 2017 - 11am (#2)
1. Maximizing Community Voices: Tools and Strategies to Support Healthy Eating Policy Work at the Local Level  (PDF)  (PDF) (PDF)
2. Food Safety and Working with Local Farmers: Facilitating Access into the Emerging Wholesale Produce Marketplace (PDF)
3. Community Efforts to Make a Farmers' Market Successful  (PDF) (PDF) (PDF) (PDF) (PDF)
4. Reclaiming Native Foodways as Chronic Disease & Cancer Prevention  (PDF)
5. Racism in the Food System: Starting with our own Organizational Practices  (PDF) (PDF)
6. Food is Medicine: The Hunger/Healthcare Linkage (PDF)
7. Using Network Mapping to Influence Change: A Tool for advancing conversation about equity, action and leadership (PDF) (PDF)

Thursday, October 26, 2017 – 3:45pm (#3)
1. Increasing Food Access Across Minnesota: Innovative Community Initiatives Address Unmet Needs (6 speakers)
2. The World in our Neighborhood: Refugees and Food Access
3. STORY-TELLING -- 3 Inspiring Food Systems Stories
4. Put your Money where your Heart Is- Collaborative Grant-Making  (PDF)
5. Transformers: How We Unite to Build a Better Hunger Relief System (PDF)
6. Born to Thrive: Healthy Food Access for Kids 0-5  (PDF)
7. Public Engagement: Getting it Right  (PDF)

Friday Morning General Session (PDF)

Friday Afternoon General Session (PDF)

Friday, October 27, 2017 – 10:45am (#4)
1. What's Your Score on the Color Line: Un-packing White Privilege in Food Systems and Urban Planning (PDF) (PDF) (PDF)
2. Small but Mighty: Working with Local Governments for Big Food Access Wins  (PDF)
3. In the Kitchen & In the Garden - Building a Statewide Assessment Tool for Improving Food Skills in Youth Populations  (PDF)
4. Dear State Policy Makers, It's Time for a Tectonic Shift
5. Reducing Food Waste From Farm to Fork  (PDF)
6. Navigating Small Retail Food Stores to Increase Healthy Food Access
7. STORYTELLING - 2 Inspiring Food Systems Stories from Duluth  (PDF)
8. Getting your Message Out There (or, Make your Words Fly Better than Chickens)  (PDF)

FAS Photobooth Slideshow (PDF)