Wednesday, October 25, 2017 - 3:30pm (#1)
1. → Start Here: The Can't-Miss First Session for Newcomers
2. Food Safety & Regulations: Making Local Food Projects Work
3. STORY-TELLING -- 3 Inspiring Food Systems Stories
4. The Power of Communications to Change Policies and Systems
5. Food Networks in Minnesota: Community Driven Solutions for Food Justice
6. From Dented Cans to Fresh Produce: The History and Evolution of the Emergency Food System
7. Skills for Integrating Systems Approaches Into Your Work

Thursday, October 26, 2017 - 11am (#2)
1. Maximizing Community Voices: Tools and Strategies to Support Healthy Eating Policy Work at the Local Level
2. Food Safety and Working with Local Farmers: Facilitating Access into the Emerging Wholesale Produce Marketplace
3. Community Efforts to Make a Farmers' Market Successful
4. Reclaiming Native Foodways as Chronic Disease & Cancer Prevention
5. Racism in the Food System: Starting with our own Organizational Practices
6. Food is Medicine: The Hunger/Healthcare Linkage
7. Using Network Mapping to Influence Change: A Tool for advancing conversation about equity, action and leadership (PDF)

Thursday, October 26, 2017 3:45pm (#3)
1. Increasing Food Access Across Minnesota: Innovative Community Initiatives Address Unmet Needs (6 speakers)
2. The World in our Neighborhood: Refugees and Food Access
3. STORY-TELLING -- 3 Inspiring Food Systems Stories
4. Put your Money where your Heart Is- Collaborative Grant-Making
5. Transformers: How We Unite to Build a Better Hunger Relief System
6. Born to Thrive: Healthy Food Access for Kids 0-5
7. Public Engagement: Getting it Right

Friday, October 27, 2017 10:45am (#4)
1. What's Your Score on the Color Line: Un-packing White Privilege in Food Systems and Urban Planning
2. Small but Mighty: Working with Local Governments for Big Food Access Wins
3. In the Kitchen & In the Garden - Building a Statewide Assessment Tool for Improving Food Skills in Youth Populations
4. Dear State Policy Makers, It's Time for a Tectonic Shift
5. Reducing Food Waste From Farm to Fork
6. Navigating Small Retail Food Stores to Increase Healthy Food Access
7. STORYTELLING - 2 Inspiring Food Systems Stories from Duluth
8. Getting your Message Out There (or, Make your Words Fly Better than Chickens)