Food Access Summit in 2017
At the Crossroads: Broadening our Reach, Deepening our Impact

The conference will be held

October 25-27, 2017
Duluth Entertainment Convention Center
350 Harbor Dr., Duluth, MN 55802

Registration Opens August 2017
Cost will be $150 per attendee

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Lucie B. Amundsen
Writer, Marketer
and reluctant farmer
Tuesday Ryan-Hart
Systems Change Strategist
Conference Goal

Bring together people working to advance reliable access to safe, affordable, healthy food, learn from each other’s lived experiences & stories, build connections across sector, cultural perspectives, and geography and cultivate alignment and momentum toward collaborative action.


  1. To share knowledge of how all healthy food access work fits into the food system & broader community context;
  2. To develop a shared understanding and common language across sectors and cultural perspectives in the food system;
  3. To build and strengthen relationships across cultural perspectives, sectors, and geography;
  4. To cultivate enthusiasm for collective action to advance healthy food access;
  5. To learn skills and create action plans for implementing collaborative action for broader impact by building upon the established momentum of the Minnesota Food Charter.

2017 Intended Audience

  • Hunger relief agencies and organizations
  • Education - K12, Post-secondary, Technical and Community
  • Public Health & Health Care - chronic disease prevention (including public and private associations and institutions)
  • Tribal governments and community members
  • Food and Farm Enterprises - farmers, retail & wholesale food businesses, farmers markets, cooperatives, food hubs
  • Food Justice – food sovereignty and community power
  • Community Design and City Planning – community development, city and county planners, elected and appointed officials;
  • Decision-makers - Elected, appointed, administrative leaders and other policy makers
  • Early childhood

Center for Prevention at Blue Cross Blue Shield MN, Healthy Foods, Healthy Lives Institute - UMN, Hunger Solutions Minnesota, Latino Economic Development Center, Minnesota Department of Education, Minnesota Department of Health/MN Cancer Alliance, Minnesota Department of Human Services, Minnesota Farmers Union, Public Health Law Center, Terra Soma, The Food Group (formerly Emergency Foodshelf Network), University of Minnesota Extension


If you have any questions or comments about the conference, you can call James at
651-214-2498 or send an email to or subscribe to the mailing list below.

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