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Conference Schedule*
*This schedule is tentative. Please check back for updates.

Working Session Participants will be invited to attend small group discussions organized around 3 or more Objectives presented in the Spotlight sessions. They will LEARN about specific strategies and have the chance to CONNECT with others that want to work in these areas.

A facilitator will then lead action-oriented discussions around 2 or more strategies which participants have selected as having the most potential for COMMITMENT TO ACTION.


7:30 am Registration/Breakfast
8:30 am Welcome
9:00 am Spotlight Session #1 (10)
10:00 am Intro to Working Sessions
10:15 am Break
10:30 am AM Working Sessions #1
11:45 am Lunch/Boost Your Cancer IQ (win prizes!)
12:45 pm Spotlight Session #2 (9)
2:00 pm PM Working Sessions #2
3:30 pm Closing Speaker
4:15 pm Adjourn


Spotlight Session Speakers

Objective: #1 - Data
Speaker: Matt Flory
Title: Health Systems Manager
Organization: American Cancer Society
Presentation Title: Charting a course with the data we have

Objective: #2 - Screening

Speaker: Gay Lynn Richards
Organization: MN Dept. of Health - Sage
Presentation Title: Truth and Story: screening saves lives

Objective: #3 - Genetic Services

Speaker: Barb Kunz
Title: Alliance Steering Committee member; Certified Genetic Counselor
Organization: Independent consultant
Presentation Title: Low Hanging Fruit

Objective: #4 - Lung Cancer Screening

Speaker: Nancy Torrison
Title: Executive Director
Organization: A Breath of Hope
Presentation Title: Screening to Save Lives

Objective: #5 - Support Services

Speaker: Kris Newcomer
Title: Executive Director
Organization: Firefly Sisterhood
Presentation Title: Cancer Patients Should Never Bowl Alone

Objective: #6 - CHWs/Workforce

Speaker: Francisco Ramirez
Title: Community Health Worker
Organization: Fairview Southdale
Presentation Title: "Does 32 ounces of Suprep taste different in Spanish?: Colonoscopies and Latinos".

Objective: #7 - SCPs

Speaker: Anne Blaes
Title: Associate Professor, Hematology & Oncology, U of MN
Organization: Masonic Cancer Center
Presentation Title: Importance of the Cancer Survivor

Objective: #8 - Financial & Legal

Speaker: Lindy Yokanovich
Title: Founder & Executive Director
Organization: Cancer Legal Line
Presentation Title: All the Worries that Keep You Up at Night

Objective: #9 - Rehabilitation

Speaker: Cathy Skinner
Title: Vice Chair, MN Cancer Alliance; CEO & Founder
Organization: The Art of Well
Presentation Title: Exercise is Good Medicine: Increasing survivors' access to rehab and wellness services

Objective: #10 - Clinical Trials

Speaker: Seanne Falconer
Title: ED & Assoc. Cancer Center Director for Administration
Organization: Masonic Cancer Center
Presentation Title: Clinical Trials: Because she did
  Objective: #11 - Tobacco - General
Speaker: Pat Stieg
Title: Sr. Health Improvement Mgr., Center for Prevention
Organization: BlueCrossBlue Shield of MN
Presentation Title: People, Profits & Priorities

Objective: #12 - Tobacco - Disparities

Speaker: Kris Rhodes
Title: CEO/Executive Director
Organization: American Indian Cancer Foundation
Presentation Title: Tobacco Dichotomy

Objective: #13 - Obesity

Speaker: Maggi Adamek
Title: Chief Executive Officer of Terra Soma, LLC
Presentation Title: Coming Soon

Objective: #14 - HPV Vaccination

Speaker: Annie-Laurie McRee
Title: Deputy Dir., Healthy Youth Development
Organization: U of MN Prevention Research Center
Presentation Title: HPV vaccination: Is the glass half empty or half full?

Objective: #15 - Radon

Speaker: Dan Tranter
Title: Supervisor
Organization: MDH Indoor Air Unit
Presentation Title: Radon: A preventable lung carcinogen

Objective: #16 - Sunburn & Tanning

Speaker: Margaret Rothstein
Title: Public Health Planner
Organization: Aitkin-Itasca-Coochiching Community Health Board
Presentation Title: 50 Shades of Health

Objective: #17 - ACP

Speaker: Kenneth Bence
Title: Chair, MN Cancer Alliance
Presentation Title: Advance Care Planning: We're supposed to talk about WHAT???

Objective: #18 - Palliative Care

Speaker: Karen Laumb
Title: Independent Consultant
Organization: Laumb Consulting LLC
Presentation Title: The Palliative Care Conundrum: How Do Patients Ask for Something They don't Know Exists?

Objective: #19 - Hospice

Speaker: Jerri Hiniker
Title: Program Manager
Organization: Stratis Health
Presentation Title: End of Life Inspirations